Profile Search in Churchill

After many trips to the Churchill neighborhood, I discovered one thing, there are very few local businesses. That being said, I searched the internet to find any groups, sports leagues, or local artists. My first find was an artist named Daly Jim. After leaving a voice message and driving to the address I found online, only to find no one home, I continued my search in another direction. I sent out emails to the volunteer organizer at Churchill High School, contacted the instructor of a break dancing club, and emailed the head of the softball organization, all of which turned me down based on the time frame of the project. I even contacted the head of Meals On Wheels, who agreed to allow me to interview a volunteer, but they needed at least six weeks notice in order to run a background check on me.

Feeling discouraged and lost, I decided to look into the artist I first tried contacting again. Turns out, the website where I found his name had it backwards. The amateur artist Daly Jim is actually the very well known and famous artist Jim Daly. I quickly found his personal website online and sent an email using the contact information he had listed on the front page. The very next morning, he responded and agreed to speak to me for my project. Finally! I was so excited not only to have found a profile subject, but to have found one with such an amazing story. I cannot wait to meet him in person and learn more about his life.

About Nicole Daniel

Student at the University of Oregon majoring in Journalism and minoring in Multimedia.
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