Varying views in the Whiteaker

Members of the Whiteaker community express concerns’ towards the upcoming election.

By: Ashley Loney

With the Presidential elections approaching quickly neighborhood news searched high and low to get the scoop of how the Whiteaker community feels about the current topics. Turns out members of the Whiteaker aren’t to impressed by what the candidates have to offer.

The members of the Whiteaker community anxiously wait for Election Day, however they also express trepidation for the direction of which the country is headed. Views and level of interest varies throughout the area. Customer of the Red Barn Billy Apolo explained that his opinion has not come down to who has the best argument but to who is the “lesser of two evils”.

Apolo finds debates to be unrealistic and un-educational. Watching the debates are “like watching two Kanye Wests, just going at each other and constantly interrupting”.  Though Apolo feels it is important to stay educated on the campaign topics, to do so he turns to large major news sources “although written is just as well spun as anything else” Apolo explains.

All Natural food market in the Whiteaker

When it comes to local elections Apolo chooses to follow what is happening much more closely “It affects much more directly then the presidential ones”. Leaning towards the democratic side he is pulling for Peter DeFazio.

Apolo has a hard time supporting the recent plastic bag ban “what they should of done is made some kind of recycle machine for plastic bags… you want people motivated to recycle give them the nickel”.

In Contrast to local Billy Apolo, neighborhood news came across Anthony Navarro, traveling poet, making way to Portland. Navarro was passionate about life but had little to say about the candidates. “I’m voting none of the above, I’m not impressed with either one of them” said Navarro.

Navarro is one of many who have taken a step to the side of the election choosing not to vote. When referring to President Obama Navarro said, “he just promised people to much… I don’t think Romney is going to be any better… I can’t vote with a clear conscious”.

Though Navarro chooses to not vote for the national elections he prefers staying up-to-date with the Occupy movement as he travels up the west coast “I’m going to look up the local chapter… if there’s a protest I’ll go to it, but I’ll keep it peaceful”.

Anthony Navarro, not voting in the upcoming election

Graduate Student Erin Lewis finds it difficult to stay up-to-date on politics while attending school. When asked how she feels about the upcoming elections Lewis simple stated “I’m ready for it to be over…. I’m not particularly political”

Although Lewis is looking forward to the post-election period, she finds importance in voting. “I’m voting for Obama, primarily for his social policies”.  Like Navarro, Lewis is not up-to-date on the local news here in Eugene nor that of her hometown of Seattle.

Erin Lewis, voting for President Obama in the upcoming election.



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