Cal Young Opinions Not Easily Swayed

Cal Young Opinions Not Easily Swayed

Local residents, while already decided, are unhappy with the negative aspects of the presidential debates and advertising

by: Guru Amar Khalsa

Cal Young’s hidden ballot box, located on N. Delta Highway.

EUGENE, OR — Regardless of the presidential debates, decisions have been made and remain unchanged.

The residents and workers of the Cal Young area seem to agree that the presidential debates have done little to change their minds. Advertisements for the presidential candidates have little effect on their decisions as well, regardless of the negativity or the possible lack of truth in the ads.

“I don’t think people connect with something like that,” Cameron Ritchey said, from behind the counter at his work, Oregon Sports, a local retail store. “Not just ‘Hey, let’s get something on T.V. and spend money on advertisements.’ There is a lack of, maybe, genuineness to it, because you’re just getting what someone has paid for, you’re not getting any personal opinion.”

Ritchey is a student at Lane Community College and has worked at Oregon Sports for over

The local store, where Cameron Ritchey works seasonally.

a year. He has voted in the last three elections, and will be voting this year as well. “I was fairly well decided that I was going to vote for Obama, I’m happy enough with how things are going that I feel like we need to give him another four years.

Another worker in the area, Caleb Nance Dixon, at Cosmos Caramel Corn in the Valley River Mall, disagrees with Ritchey, “[Obama’s] record is pretty crappy, its not doing so hot.”

In regards to effective advertising from the candidates, Dixon said, “It makes me laugh, because I know that they’re just full of garbage, that he doesn’t have anything real on Romney…. not even personal dirt.”

A passerby gave a different view on the advertisements for the presidential candidates. “I’m sick of it,” the elderly Rose Marie Moffitt said, laughing. “It goes on too long, too much money, too much of everything. I kind of tune out on a lot of [the advertisements].”

On the effectiveness of the presidential debates, Moffitt felt the debates did little to change her mind, “No, because we’ve heard it all before the debate. Except you know who keeps changing his stance all the time… so you’ll never find out what he’s standing for anyways.”

Dixon, the fast-talker from Cosmos Caramel Corn, somewhat disagreed on the debates, “I feel like I learned a lot about Romney’s plan in the first debate. After the debates, it’s making me feel a little more comfortable with Romney… not so much that I really liked Romney, it was more of the fact that I really don’t like Obama.” He pointed out the first debate in particular, where he said Romney made Obama look “an idiot.”

Ritchey, full of enthusiasm on anything relating to politics, voiced the biggest problem for local voters, “Mudslinging has always been a part of politics, but it… seems to be getting a little worse every year. You can take someone down, but you’re not going to promote yourself, because they’re worse, doesn’t make you better.”

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