Cal Young speaks up about 2012 elections

The residents of Cal Young share their opinion on the elections and the structure of the presidential debate.

Cal Youngians voiced that advertisements for the presidential campaign didn’t really make a difference on their decision making either. Residents were clearly not impressed.

“It makes me laugh because I know that they’re just full of garbage,” said Caleb Nance Dixon, an employee at Cosmos Caramel Corn at the Valley River Mall. When asked about the presidential campaign, Dixon thinks, “[Obama’s] campaign is getting a little petty and dirt smearing.”

“You can take someone down but you’re not going to promote yourself,” stated Cameron Ritchey.

Ritchey is an employee of Valley River Mall and works retail at Oregon Sports. Ritchey may disagree with Dixon’s statement about Obama’s campaign. “I was fairly well decided that I was going to vote for Obama, I’m happy enough with how things are going that I feel like we need to give him another four years.” 

With attention to advertisements for the campaign, “I don’t think people connect with something like that,” said Ritchey, “There is a lack of, maybe, genuineness to it, because you’re just getting what someone has paid for, you’re not getting any personal opinion.”

In regards of the presidential debate, Ritchey felt like the candidates were speaking out to the public more.

Rose Marie Moffitt, a resident may disagree with that. “They are more like boxing matches than debates. I get disgusted with the thing by the time it is through.” When asked about the presidential election, Moffitt chuckled as she responded, “I’m very sick of it. It goes on too long, too much of everything.”

On the aftermath of advertisements and how they could affect the decision-making, Moffitt felt it did very little. “I kind of tune out on a lot of it.”

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