Churchill Residents Speak-up About Upcoming Election

Sharing their hopes and concerns

By Madeline Stone

Two democrats, one republican, and one undecided voter of the Churchill neighborhood share their thoughts on the upcoming presidential election.

With the presidential election less than two weeks away, Oregon voters have started receiving their ballots and casting their votes.

One of the popular measures on the ballot for the state of Oregon, Measure 85, if passed will allocate corporate income tax refunds to additionally fund K-12 public schools.

DeAnna Harrell has raised sixteen children during her career as a fulltime nanny. Harrell is a democrat worried about children and school funding.

“Our kids are out selling garbage to fund the schools when the price of one bomb, of one bomb, could transform Oregon schools,” says Harrell.

Harrell is frustrated that kids have to go out and sell products to help raise money for school programs such as, music or art, instead of receiving government money to fund these classes.

“If we don’t start taking care of our kids and our old people, we are not going to make it as a species,” says Harrell.

Lucas Mericantante says he follows the elections a little bit but wouldn’t consider himself that politically active. Mericantante’s son attends Churchill High School and Mericantante says he is most passionate about issues related to the school.

Mericantante says, “I am a republican that believes in healthcare and education…I also believe in big business though.”

Another Oregon ballot measure that has sparked controversy in this election has been Measure 80, which would create a commission to regulate the farming and sales of cannabis in addition to allowing personal marijuana cultivation or use without a license.

On this issue Mericantante says, “To me marijuana is just like alcohol, should a 16 year-old be doing it? No. But should a 25 year-old be doing it? You know as long as he isn’t abusing it…”

Mericantante lays out a way that marijuana could be legalized in a similar way to alcohol that he would be okay with it being legally available with age restrictions.  He also thinks that if marijuana became legalized it should be taxed similarly to alcohol and cigarettes.

Sherie Torralba, a democrat who says she plans to vote for Obama for a second time, disagrees with measure 80.

Torralba says that she watches all the debates on KVAL and thinks the coverage is pretty fair.

Kyle Giffin, a first-year student at New Hope Christian College, said that he wasn’t even going to vote for a president. Giffin believes that the debates are just another opportunity for the candidates to bash each other.

Giffin also thinks that both candidates skirted around important issues without saying what they would do once in office.

“The recession, as a college student that’s what will affect me the most.  I feel that a plan should be put in place not just for me but for everyone. Just take care of the country,” says Giffin.

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