Finding a profile in North Eugene

I first began my profile search in the Lane 4J schools of the North Eugene community. I wanted to find a teacher or administrator who hasn’t been recognized for their achievements who should be.

I spoke with North Eugene High School Principal Eric Anderson and he informed me of a history teacher who recently won an award for her efforts to integrate “Peace, justice, and human rights” into her curriculum.

The teacher’s name is Clair Wiles and upon a google search of her name I found an article detailing her accomplishments in the Register Guard, ironically written by a former Daily Emerald co-worker of mine, Partick Malee.

Realizing I had been beaten to the punch, I asked Wiles if she knew of anyone else in the North Eugene community who should be recognized for their efforts. She pointed me to the Irvington Grange.

I decided to give the grange a call because I’m familiar with the national grange and their mission. A grange is a place where farmers and community members come together to help each other prosper economically, politically and agriculturally.

After contacting the Irvington grange i realized that it was a dead end, the most interesting thing they do there is a Monday night zumba class for senior citizens. Despite not finding anyone to write about at the grange, the woman I talked to there did tip me off to a man who is heavily involved in the community.

She informed me that a man named Jerry Finigan, a member of both the Santa Clara Community and River Road Community Organizations. He is heavily involved with the Santa Clara/River Road Outreach and Learning project (SCRROL), a program to help unify and educate the citizens of North Eugene neighborhoods on self-governance and public trust in their community.

Finigan has replied to my request and said he is interested in helping me tell his story. I look forward to meeting with him to talk about issues in the North Eugene communities and how these organizations help to solve them.

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