Harlow residents express their political beliefs in survey on upcoming election

Residents talk about presidential candidates, big topics in the election, and the legalization of marijuana.

By Adam Vaughan

Despite the seemingly endless political television ads and persistent voter registration volunteers dominating the Eugene scene recently, residents in the Harlow neighborhood voiced their excitement for the upcoming election today in a survey on various election issues.

The survey, which covered the topics of presidential candidates, the biggest issues in the race, and the legalization of marijuana through Oregon Measure 80, received a strong liberal response from the three residents who took part in it.

All of the participants in the survey expressed their support for Barrack Obama over Mitt Romney in the upcoming election. At a bus stop along Harlow Road, resident Dennis Galloway believed Obama deserved a second chance.

“I like Barrack Obama because even though he hasn’t been able to be completely successful because people stood in his way, I think he’s made a lot of progress and I’d like to see him have another term and another shot at it,” she said.

Chenoa Keknoa-Young also said she would vote for Obama, even though she was not very sure of which candidate was the most likable.

“I’m not really sure because I feel like I’m voting for the lesser of two evils. But if I do vote it’s going to be for Barrack Obama.” Said Keknoa-Young while standing outside the Albertsons on Coburg Road.

Mike Montrey, however, clearly expressed his dislilke of Governor Romney while walking back from the Ducks game on Martin Luther King Boulevard. He explained that he was not voting for Romney because he seemed “two-faced”. Montrey did not like the Governor’s biblical and hard-line religious views as well.

When asked about the biggest issue in this year’s election, Montrey made it clear that the legalization of marijuana and Oregon Ballot Measure 80 stood out among other issues.

“I’m for the legalization because I think it’s less of a detriment than alcohol is and I think that people would be better served by acknowledging the use.”

Keknoa-Young responded to the question of legalizing marijuana by considering the view of growers in the state of Oregon.

“I think if it does get legalized the growers will be really pissed because that’s their profit margin and that’s how they make their money,” she said.

The excitement of the election season will culminate on November 6th, when voters will be able to voice their opinions on these issues by filling out and submitting their ballots.

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