Profile Pitch (Downtown)

By Lily Bussel

I am interviewing August Sabini, an outreach worker at New Roads–an organization providing services and support to homeless youth.

With potential cuts in social services and welfare programs as contentious issues in the current presidential campaign, the results of the election will especially determine the well-being of 13% of Americans. This percentage indicates the number of Americans living in poverty. Within this demographic lies America’s homeless population with 17,309 homeless individuals in Oregon in 2009.

Often, we see the homeless population as middle-age men and women, seniors or veterans. Picturing homeless children or youth proves almost more difficult as we expect children to have homes, parents to provide support, stability and shelter. And yet homeless children comprise 39% of the homeless population.

Through my profile on Sabini, I hope to explore his role in working with youth, what he gains from it, as well as a short history of how Sabini’s history and philosophy contribute to his current role in the organization.

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