Searching for a Profile in Churchill

by Madeline Stone

The Churchill neighborhood has several schools and little commercial retail, so I began my search trying to find someone at either the high school or middle school who would be able to give insight into what life in Churchill is really like. However, after spending a fair amount of time navigating school websites looking for contacts I gave up the school idea due to the difficulty of getting access. I shifted my focus to the Churchill

Community Garden and the role it plays in Food For Lane County. I spent at least an hour trying to find a phone number off their website for someone to contact about the community garden but had to settle with email addresses. After waiting to hear back from emails without response, I again had to shift my focus.

On Friday morning after doing our interviews for the midterm assignment, I noticed the Churchill Retirement Community, an establishment my group had not previously noticed. I decided to give it a shot. I walked in and introduced myself and my need for a profile subject. The marketing director, Marjoruie Bauer, referred me to a lovely older woman in independent living named Arlene Mace. I spoke with Arlene over the phone and she agreed to meet with me, thus ending my long search for a profile subject in Churchill.

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