Decision 2012 through the lens of social media

  1. A trend emerged during last night’s presidential election: people “watched” the election through Twitter. Journalism students shared stories of first-time voters and disseminated information via the opinions and views of the American people. 
  2. Brizzyc
    Journalism students from more than 20 universities nationally using #jelection for election coverage today
  3. Jennifercori
    “Social media contributes to politics as a spectator sport and people feel more involved” – Megan Teehan #jelection
  4. Jennifercori
    Elisa Tang uses her IPhone apps to read up on election news and she refers to politico #Jelection

  5. MercedesCoppin
    “I think people realized he’s not a miracle worker and gave him another shot,” Joseph Horton on Obama’s re-election. #jelection #FAU
  6. JoeMoncada43
    RT @Sid_Madden: Junior Jana Lomax was a first time voter: “I was happy to play my part as a citizen of this country” #jelection
  7. DavidSa03200639
    #Jelection Promote understanding through research, don’t follow trends, learn your own knowledge.
  8. CourtneyYewande
    I think this election showed us that it is vital for everyone to participate in the democratic process so it is prosperous. #jelection
  9. Many tweets with #jeelection shared this same view.
  10. BigSteve4
    “@nytimes: Graphic: How Obama won re-election” #jelection
  11. CourtneyYewande
    With a democracy comes great responsibility. Voting IS AUTONOMY!!! #Jelection
  12. DavidSa03200639
    #Jelection I haven’t seen really any coverage on the charter schools referendum. Why is there so little information on our kids future?
  13. BigSteve4
    RT @IanTGillespie: Interesting discussion on the social media revolution in #Coma215 today #jelection
  14. jmart181
    RT @vincefloress: Video from @BarackObama projected winner last night at #McCormickPlace #Chicago #dpuvote #jelection
  15. VMartin
    “@AlexNap86: @JRN336Tweets @VMartin Look, Big Bird waited in line to vote.. word is he voted Obama! #jelection” 🙂
  16. ItzAlwayzSonny
    RT @Sid_Madden: “Voting for the first time I felt like a boss. My voice was heard” said senior Dan Jacas #jelection
  17. DatKidKaiv
    RT @AniKaribyan: Mitt Romney is a hope for millionaires. Obama is a hope for Millions. #TeamObama #VoteObama #jelection
  18. jasminenicholle
    Hey I know her“@Sid_Madden: Junior Jana Lomax was a first time voter: “I was happy to play my part as a citizen of this country” #jelection”
  19. JoeMoncada43
    RT @Sid_Madden: Voting for #Obama in ’08 and ’12 felt “as rewarding the second time as it did the first” for @binx1025 #jelection
  20. Bboylectronic
    @JRN336 Obama looses 4% of the White vote since the 2008 election #jelection
  21. Sid_Madden
    Senior Gabby DiBiase supported #Romney and is “scared of where our country is headed now” #jelection
  22. By Whitney Gomes
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