If I were able to do it over

If I were to redo this profile, I would practice asking questions more beforehand.  I notice that I fumble over my words, or I ask the questions in a way that is confusing to my profile subject.  Sometimes I have to clarify several times or slow down or reword what I say.

I also wish I could have attended more of the events at my subject’s work.  I had a hard time making it to most of the activities.  I made it to the kitchen class, which was the most important part, but I would have liked a greater variety of pictures.

I ended up with a lot more information than I could fit into the profile, but I don’t really think that is a bad thing.  I would rather I have too much information than too little.

My profile subject was great.  Not only did I get to meet and interview a very interesting person, but I got to see some real change for the better in Eugene.  I was able to meet a people who benefited from Reality Kitchen, and It was a really positive experience.

by Emily Carpenter

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