Looking back on my profile-writing experience

There are only a few, if not major, things that I would change about how I’ve gone about writing this profile. Including but not limited to, my own time management skills, creativity and writing ability.

Time management has always been a key issue for me. Even when working on strict deadlines, I never seem to be able to balance school, work and my social life (or lack thereof) in an appropriate manner. I wouldn’t go so far as to say my last minute scramble wasn’t my fault, but it can also be attributed to my profile subject accidentally skipping over my emails in her inbox. I probably should have tried harder to call and email her more when she didn’t respond after three or four days. But yeah, number one thing I would change: scheduling out my time in a more efficient manner.

Creativity and writing ability are probably things that really can’t be helped. One cannot be forced to be creative, nor be forced to write at the peak of their ability at all times. I feel like I really fell victim to that with this profile. Once I had all the information in front of me, I could see that it was interesting and fun and would make a good story. My only problem was my own inability to find the right words to put everything together. Several times during the writing process the only thoughts going through my mind were “what are words?” or “how do sentence?” It was a struggle at times. I think that if I had managed my time a little bit better in the beginning, I wouldn’t have been scrambling and freaking out towards the end when putting it all together.

But really, the experience hasn’t been awful. I’m definitely learning for the future that I need to have more faith in my own ability to get people to respond to me. The creative process is not one that thrives under procrastination and if I could figure myself out earlier on I wouldn’t have so many problems.

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