Looking Back…

Over the process of writing the profile on Joshua Stroud I have definitely learned a great deal. I am not regretful over my profile choice either; in fact I am very grateful to have found him.

I realize I should have had more structure to the interview, more ideas and questions lined up, with more of a feeling for the focus the profile I was going to write, rather than just attempting to go with the flow of things. Also, I really wish I had more time to interview my subject, and see him in his various worlds of work and home. I should have planned ahead better and set up those times, and changed my work schedule accordingly. I wish I had been better at keeping up on follow-up questions, and starting on getting answers sooner.

I wish had spoken up more and talked to the other parents at the home schooling meeting, since they would have given very useful feedback and viewpoints. Most importantly, I would have set up more than one meeting with my subject.


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