Profile Experience

by: Kailla Coomes

This was only my third time profiling someone and this experience was my most rewarding. My other two profile pieces were about people under the age of 25, who had not really experienced life. This profile was about a much older man who has contributed almost all of his time to his community.

Finding a person to interview was somewhat daunting. I wish that I had actually gone out to find him rather than just waiting around for an email.  Thankfully he was willing to be interviewed and was eager to answer my questions.

When I interviewed him I wish that I had had more questions to ask him. Even though our interview was almost an hour in a half I was so interested in what he was saying that I wanted to know more but didn’t know how to ask. I was also extremely nervous because I had never met him before and, at first, I think I let some of those nerves show. I wish that I had been more comfortable the whole time but being calm and confident during an interview is something that I can take from this experience.

The person that I interviewed had more than enough information where I believed that I could write a piece on him and not run out of things to say. I wish that I had had the time to meet with him more in different environments. I also wish that I could have talked to more people about him. I believe that this profile experience taught me a lot about what to do and what not to do during an interview and writing a profile piece.

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