Profile Learning

First and foremost, I would have started sooner. When it finally came down to tracking down a profile subject, I had to go to several places and spend hours of my time chasing dead leads. I also probably would have gone for the most interesting place first (which is where I ended up in the end) rather than chasing things that I thought other people would find interesting.

I also wish I would have spent more time talking to him about his immediate family. I got hung up on his brother and sister and never really probed about his relationship with his parents or the relationship of his immediate family. I also wish I would have asked more about the stressful or painful aspects of his time at Thompson’s to flesh out his character a bit more.

I probably should have made it clear to him that I was interested in these things and he would have made an attempt to talk to me about it, because he turned out to be a more open guy than I first assumed.

In the future, I would hope to explore the more compelling aspects of my subject’s life, rather than focusing on their personal philosophy. Also, to gather more biographical information.

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