Profile Reflection

If I could go back and redo my profile, the first thing I would do is give myself more time. With my subject and my busy schedules we were only able to do one interview. I would have liked to meet again in a different setting. I would be able to go deeper into certain topics that I want to write more about but do not have enough information.We talked about her future plans for a bit, but spent much more time talking about her past. She gave me great information of her past, education, and what led her to her current position, but I would like to get deeper into what she is doing right now and her future plans. I focused too much and let her talk for too long on her past endeavors that I did not have enough time to focus on current and future projects. In the future, I will try to cater my questions differently, so I get enough information of my subjects past, while having more time to talk about the future.
I would have also spent more time with my profile before and after the interview. I was able to interact with her for a short period before and after, but it would have been helpful had I stayed longer to watch her interact with people. Next time, I will try to set aside a longer block of time to spend with my subject. A second setting would also be helpful in writing a profile.

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