Profile Reflection

Somethings that I would do differently if I could go back would be to first make sure that I have a more than one secondary source for my story. I kind of screwed myself over by not making it clear that this would publish and had to retract the sources statements. This left me with absolutely nothing besides my interviews with my profile subject.

Secondly, I would be more open minded to the project as a whole. I really wasn’t interested in my neighborhood and I think that prevented me from doing stellar work, but as soon as I started to do the reporting and writing I had fun and got interested in my subject and the neighborhood. As a reporter we shouldn’t be biased and I definitely came into this project thinking I was gonna be bored to tears, which wasn’t the case.

Thirdly, I would have contacted someone from the city, preferably the City Manager. He works with my profile subject a lot and he could have provided that professional voice I was looking for but was unable to attain.

Overall I think I did well, but tweaking my attitude and approach could have made this story a lot better than it actually turned out. I hope to learn from these mistakes to improve my reporting and writing in the future.


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