Profile Reflection

By Kevin Sullivan


The main thing I would do differently with my profile is I would have spent more time with my subject. I interviewed her twice but the second interview was rushed. Next time, what I would do is find my focus early and then go back one or two more times and interview my subject.

Another thing I would do differently with this assignment is continually search for a second source. Originally I had a guy who did not have very good answers. So, I went back and interviewed someone else. This person had better answers but they weren’t necessarily the answers I was looking for. If I were to this profile over again I would spend more time on finding a legitimate second source, especially now that I know how critical it is.

I definitely would have started my profile earlier as well. Because of personal issues I failed to realize that our profile pitch was due. So, in a last minute scramble, I spent an hour or two in my neighborhood searching for a subject. Luckily, I found an interesting person that made for a good subject. Next time, however, I will not make the same mistake and will put in the early effort to fine tune my pitch.

What I found most gratifying while working on this assignment was the fact that I found this subject. I randomly went to a person on the street and started asking them questions and they turned out to have an amazing story. For me, my profile is proof of the philosophy that everyone has a dream and that you can truly make anyone interesting if you ask the right questions.

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