The Profile Learning Curve

by Phil Howard

My experience profiling an Amazon area subject was difficult to put it nicely. My biggest issue came with finding an interest subject in the tiny neighborhood of Amazon. My group mates were much more motivated to begin their searches for a likely candidate early. By the time I mustered up the energy to go out, the obvious hotbeds for interesting people were picked clean.

Luckily for me years of procrastination have honed my skills at working under pressure. I quickly located a couple possible people (not the most interesting by not socks salesmen either). After choosing a favorite, I emailed him and waited for a reply. Second mistake. After a week of not hearing anything, I began to panic and did what I should have done in the beginning: I asked around for help getting in touch with him.

After Person A directed me to Person B, I finally was informed that he was a UO grad student. A quick database search and I had a current email address (one that he apparently checked more frequently) and had made contact. Luckily, he was enthusiastic about helping me and everything else went according to plan.

My last regret was not finding someone with a more emotional story. My profile subject was interesting, but his story wouldn’t be touching or inspiring (except to a few select people, maybe).

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