What I Would Do Differently

Working on this profile piece I have learned many things that I plan to do differently for my next piece. Interviewing Mac Hines for this Piece went well, he was easy to talk to, very open about his past and present and gave good detail. However, I wish I would have been able to attended one of the hostels activities in addition to checking out the hostels on an average day. I was able to talk to employees and interact with a few guests while at the hostel, yet I feel that spending more time with them would of given me a more well rounded experience with the hostel.

I did my interview prior to the lecture given in class about interviewing. I feel that my interview with Hines was good, yet there are some things I will do differently next time. For example I plan to write one word “notes to self” during my preparation so the interview feels more like a conversation, then me asking a bunch of questions. I plan to ask more follow up questions in order to get more details “How did that make you feel”?

Next time I go to write a story I plan to Interview more people and “hang out” in the area more. I enjoyed conversing with guests and employees, but I wish I had taken more time to actually use them as an interview source. I think that separate stories can help to build a stronger background.

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