Profile Reflection

I love writing profiles. I enjoy getting to know a complete stranger and making a story of it. I understand it can be difficult at times, but that’s the fun part.

I got the honor to know Chris Hayward-Bailey, the owner of a European fashion boutique called Due Donne. Italian for “two women.” I am so happy with who I profiled, she is an amazing fashionista. I didn’t only get a profile out of this but advice and practically a mentor for my future. I feel like I made a really good decision on bring my mic and recording the interview. It made the interview process flow better and easier to have a conversation with her.

One thing I wish I could have worked on was the flow of the questions. I came prepared with 10 great questions, but when we got off topic I didn’t know what to ask next. I wish I could have gone into the interview knowing the angle and focus I wanted. Instead I was waiting for something to stick out of the interview. I still found a good focus but it was stressful.

About kphamloo

Student at University of Oregon, has a passion for styling,fashion and art. Influenced by Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, Diane Von Furstenberg along with Vince. Double majoring in Journalism; Magazine, Visual Communications and minoring in Art History.
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