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Diversity in Downton

By Adam Fernandez Simply mentioning the downtown area may bring up specific images of large buses entering and leaving their stations, or nomadic troupes of passersby and their dog against a cool grey background. Others may picture the very pink … Continue reading

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I’m Y.A., and I’m O.K.—Why’s This So Good? I have always found essays that discuss the publishing industry to be extremely fascinating, whether written from the perspective of the writer, agent or editor. The essays by writers, however, are the most interesting. Unlike agents and editors who … Continue reading

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Downtown Eugene: Live, Work, Play

Downtown Eugene has many faces. On the weekends, the neighborhood blocks will be filled with families and college students exploring the Saturday Market and surrounding shops, on weekend nights one can experience the bar scene and during the week the … Continue reading

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Why’s This So Good: Jonathan Franzen

In his 1996 report on the state of literature, Jonathan Franzen makes a case for reading social, or “serious,” novels. What makes this essay great is how he utilizes his sentiment as a lens to view American society as a … Continue reading

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Community and Business Thrive Hand In Hand In The Whiteaker

– By Derek Brown- We often forget how important a simple “hello” can be during hard times. In the Whiteaker neighborhood, they don’t. The oldest neighborhood in Eugene, this compact ten-block area is known for being tight-knit and inclusive by residents and … Continue reading

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The Best and Worst of Jefferson Westside

According to Jefferson Westside Neighbors residents, there is a lot to love about the area. Residents responded with praise about the neighborhood’s diversity and locality. Many cited the short walk from downtown while others spoke of the improvements going on … Continue reading

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Why This Is So Good: Jonathan Abrams

By Troy Brynelson Jonathan Abrams’s profile of professional basketball player Zach Randolph, a cult figure in Portland for his part in the infamous “Jail Blazer” era of pro basketball, is exemplary for many reasons;, but it stands out for me … Continue reading

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