Intro to Emilie Osterkamp

I am a Senior at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications. As far back as I can remember I’ve always, always had “disturbs others” written on my report cards. It’s just me – I am very talkative, personable, outgoing, loud, expressive ext. It wasn’t until college that I realized disturbing others wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, in fact it could be considered a skill! Of course I don’t mean that the disturbing part in particular is a skill, but instead that being so outgoing is.

As a freshman at Napa Valley Junior College, I excelled in each speech course I took. When it came time to transfer I knew I wanted to attend UO and was ecstatic to find that the School of Journalism and Communications was amongst the top in the nation. Here I have found that while my voice still carries me, it has carried me in a new direction.

I have found a passion for Design. I have always had a keen eye for aesthetics and an exceptionally well designed bedroom. Additionally, my OCD like tendencies, such as writing the same line of notes five times to make sure my hand writing is neat and using a ruler to underline/highlight text (no matter where the text is displayed) have proved to be useful!

I would like to work for a small scale design firm that produces ads, of all mediums,  for small business’ (and maybe a few big ones). I am from Napa, CA and I’d love to return to the Napa Valley to pursue my professional career after I graduate this spring!

About Emilie Osterkamp

Hi! I'm Emilie Osterkamp. I am a senior at the University of Oregon in the School of Journalism and Communications. My major is Advertising with an emphasis in Design.
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