Intro to Katie Cracchiolo

I am a senior at the University of Oregon pursuing a bachelors degree in Journalism. I am interested in film, photography, and broadcast reporting. Additionally I enjoy graphic design. I was lucky enough to spend my summer working with Ocean Conservancy as a digital marketing intern in Washington, DC. I produced videos, graphics, social media, and blog content about the health and conservation of our oceans.

Born and raised in California I love the sun, the surf, and diving into the eye of the storm. I am passionate about many things and hope to explore each one through journalistic mediums such as photography, cinematography, and design.


About kcracchiolo

My essence is creative and provoking; it is powerful, fearless, and always reaching higher. I love all art forms, but am passionate about storytelling through photography and the written word. I envy all storytellers who came first and go back to basics for inspiration; the most beautiful things in life are those without embellishment. I hold my childhood closest to my heart for fear that I may start to take life too seriously. Being caught red-handed in the moment is what I live for. I am a student at the University of Oregon studying Journalism and Multimedia, and plan on starting my journalistic trek through the real world right now. I want to experience anything and everything; so please, hit me with all you've got.
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