Intro to Lauren Wilson

My name is Lauren Wilson, and I am a Journalism major at University of Oregon.  My interests within the Journalism field are electronic media, multimedia storytelling, video editing and photography.

I’ve always been a hands on person, and I love spending hours editing videos and creating wonderful stories.  Throughout my high school career I was the videographer for the “Mister” program.  The program is a fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network, in which 8-12 boys compete in raising money for CMN over a 9 month period and eventually end up competing in a pageant.  My job was to follow the boys in their pursuit to raise money and save babies!

At this point, I am currently interning for Eugene Faith Center.  I am learning all about graphic design, communication, and running several different types of high-tech video equipment. I am absolutely loving it!

I am excited for my journey through the life of journalism and all of the skills that I will learn along the way! 🙂

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  1. Jeff says:

    Lauren, my name is Jeff and my wife and I coordinate the Block Watch in our development. We’ve been doing this for several years and the last four years or so have maintained various websites and blogs to get information out.

    I’d like to change things on our website to keep it fresh and interesting… so, I’m looking for guest bloggers. I’m still sorting out the details; tech posts, positive life events, commentaries on whatever. It’s kind of an empty palette in need of some bright and colorful acrylics at this point.

    I dig your enthusiasm in your post. Would you be interested?

    Email for San Tan Heights Community Watch:

    Kind Regards,

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