Chip Kelly: The Greatest Coach in College Football

“I think Chip Kelly is probably the best coach in college football,” said University of Oregon student Mitchell Rivet, “to turn this program around so fast.”

Tavis McDowell (left) and Luke Polidore (right) talk with us about Chip Kelly and his future with Oregon.

Tavis McDowell (left) and Luke Polidore (right) talk with us about Chip Kelly and his future with Oregon.

Many students and other Duck football fans share Rivet’s sentiments on Oregon head coach Chip Kelly. His coaching style, game plan, and overall presence seems to be exactly what this football program needed to kick it into high gear and become a serious competitor in the NCAA and the BCS. His most recent accomplishment being a 35-17 victory over then No. 5 Kansas State in Oregon’s second bid to the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl in three years.

It’s games like this that have not only allowed Oregon to spring to the top of the rankings post-season, but also allowed the school to be more selective with recruiting. “He’s one of those coaches that doesn’t necessarily get the best players but he gets the best players for his team,” said student Tavis McDowell. Oregon has had the privilege of recruiting some of the top high school players in the country in the last two years such as Marcus Mariota and DeAnthony Thomas, both of whom are a perfect fit for the team Kelly is continuing to build.

Following a 22-19 loss to Auburn in the BCS National Championship game two years ago, students and fans are hoping to see Kelly take the Oregon Ducks all the way to the top and come home with a win. Student Luke Polidore remains confident that despite the loss against Auburn the Ducks will see a championship victory, “Every year peopl say is our best chance. This year was our best chance, but next year will be good.”

Kelly has since turned town the NFL for the second time to continue to finish what he started at Oregon.

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