Intro to Derek Brown

Hello to all,

I am Derek, and I am a senior journalism and international studies student at the U of O. My focus within the journalism school is documentary production, and I hope to cover social and human rights issues internationally after I finish with school. Even if it isn’t a documentary, I find being a part of the filmmaking process (screenwriting, filming, directing, and editing) fascinating and fulfilling.

With global connectivity reaching unseen levels and still rising, I see film as a increasingly important tool to influence the world in a positive way not before possible. It is my goal to play a part in this medium.

On a more personal note, I sprouted from the weirdness that is Portland, OR and my roots are intact. For example, I constantly laugh at bad (and sometimes inappropriate) jokes,  I think that music can only be good if it is old or not yet popular, and there is no doubt in my mind that the Portland Trail Blazers would be the best franchise of all-time if it wasn’t for an unmatched streak of bad luck.

In terms of the future, I’m optimistic and excited about the field of journalism’s capacity to adapt and thrive, and I look forward to developing my skills further at the U of O before I graduate.

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