Intro to Gina Ginsberg

Originally from Seattle, Gina came to Eugene to pursue her interest in writing as a Journalism and English major. She has enjoyed working on the production team of University of Oregon’s television station DuckTV, and crewing for the Sailing team.

Dedicated to working for human rights and often having a sense of wanderlust, Gina has had many opportunities to work in diverse places with NGOs and refine her writing. She was a journalist for non-profit magazine in Cape Town, South Africa The Big Issue reporting stories not often covered in the mainstream media. Last Fall she was living in central Mexico studying Spanish and volunteering. She has worked with survivors of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and children in Costa Rica. Past job experiences range from bar maid, working at a carnival and working for the Neilson Corporation. Along the way she has met colorful people of many backgrounds from all over the world, sparking her interest in people, thus becoming a natural, intuitive interviewer. She likes to find common threads in people who lead very different lives.

Sailor, activist, and animal lover, Gina is constantly shaping her identity and discovering herself as a writer, and would ideally be travel writer one day. She enjoys backpacking, photography, film, philosophizing, running slowly, speaking basic Spanish, stargazing, kayaking, and banter.

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