What does a German rhetoric student do in the US?

Hello, my name is Sarina Albeck. Usually, I study rhetoric and comparative literature in Tuebingen, Germany. So why am I sitting in an American classroom writing this blog post for a journalism class at the University of Oregon? The answer is simple: I want to become a journalist and I want to have more hands-on experience in the classroom.

I love my German university and I have learned quite a lot there: research, how to write challenging scholarly papers, theories of communication from their beginning in ancient Greek and Rome till nowadays, even Latin! I enjoyed all of this a lot and I think that it is a very important part of education. But after myriads of hours in the library I felt that it was about time to put everything I have learned into practice.

This is why I am here. I have interned at an advertising agency  and I have worked for a communication agency before, but I have never really learned how to work as a journalist in the classroom. After returning to Germany, I hope to be well prepared for my new internship as a reporter at a medium-sized German newspaper called “Schwäbisches Tagblatt“.

For all these reasons I am very excited for the reporting class at the school of journalism!Ich freue mich!

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