An (informal) Intro to Design through Blogging.

Beat Post By: Emilie Osterkamp

Often when I say I am studying Advertising with a focus on Design, people are perplexed by what “Design” refers to. It has become clear that many, not just those who inquire as to what I am studying, are not sure of what exactly Design is. Defined by Evan and Thomas in Exploring the Elements of Design: Third Edition, design is “a visual language that is built on fundamental principles and elements. The principles are the organizational rules used in conjunction with the elements to create order and visual interest.” This beat post is aimed to serve as a tool of enlightenment to feature bloggers who post about specific elements of Design, as well as blogs that feature elements of Design put together flawlessly.

Typography is a key element of Design. Though typography can be viewed as “black and white” as it is displaying this body of text, it can also be extremely expressive, as well as graphic. Type Everything is a collective blog that features visual typography at it’s best. The mission of the 12 authors is short and sweet; “inspire people.”

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Geometry is another key element of Design. Teacher and Graphic Designer, Tilman Zitzmann of Germany, creates “geometric minimal composition” each day and posts them to his blog, Geometry Daily. Defined by Zitzmann “minimal composition” refers to taking one small idea and going with it! His work shows the complex nature of Design through unique, intriguing figures.

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When combined, elements of Design create wonders. The Fox Is Black features unique displays of “contemporary life and culture” through Design and Art.  The eclectic bloggers responsible for The Fox Is Black introductions range from simple titles such as, “a freelance designer,” to more abstract titles such as “a part time legal adviser and full time procrastinator.” Their posts are accompanied by short memos about the Designer/Artist and are as entertaining as they are complex.

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Now that you’ve saw elements of design individually and combined, take a look at the best pieces created for you! Lovely Package is a blog that displays exceptional packaging designs – the designs that go above and beyond to get your attention. With tib-bits about the designers and their design concepts, Lovely Package is the perfect blog to follow to see marketing and designing at it’s best.

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Hi! I'm Emilie Osterkamp. I am a senior at the University of Oregon in the School of Journalism and Communications. My major is Advertising with an emphasis in Design.
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