Music Journalism

It’s always wise to start with a quote. Someone else has always said it better. Musician Frank Zappa once said, “Most rock journalism is people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read.”

This quote potentially disproves the idea behind my profession of music journalism. But I’d argue that the quote is effective yet not entirely correct. How quickly after release did you hear about Frank Ocean’s sexual orientation announcement? Which publication printed the story about General McChrystal’s immoral tactics conducted in The Middle East Conflict and eventually had him removed from his position? How else did Kendrick Lamar’s recent album conquer our musical culture with an unbeatable hype? The answer is music journalism.

I was fourteen years young when I read Hermann Hesse’s “Siddhartha.” Shortly after, I stayed up past my TV bed time and watched Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous.” With this newly inaugurated idea of self-identity in place, I decided that I will be a music journalist. Music is my passion and music journalism, though replete with problems, is essential to the art of music. How else can a listener hear something new without a music connoisseur, or journalist, pointing them to the right location? I became an official journalist in high school when I started writing for school’s paper. By senior year I had started my own publication, The Phoney Express. After graduating, I finally earned my literary wings and started writing about music; officially beginning my career as a music journalist. The dream has been to write for Rolling Stone Magazine. If you’re going to dream, why settle for anything else? The only thing standing in my way is a cocktail mix of my own self-doubts and Suzi’s red grading pen.

Instigated by social media and technological advancements, journalism is on the cusp of a new beginning. Pessimistically speaking, the old form of the written word is entering vintage domain and will soon be used by only hipsters. I am very excited for this new phase of journalism. Think about it, in Edition-12 of Tim Harrower’s book there will be a cheesy section on the journalistic advancements of today. Journalism isn’t going to write itself off.  *No pun intended* 

With my beat, I will be scouring the land for anything music related. The journalists that I will follow are: Cameron Crowe, David Fricke, Will Heremes, Ryan Schreiber and Spencer Kornhaber.

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