Sports Journalism

Sports and writing have interested me so long that it’s sad I had only recently discovered an interest in sports writing. I had always perused sports news, game previews, your run-of-the-mill analyses from ESPN or Yahoo!. Then Bill Simmons AKA The Sports Guy launched the long-form journalism news & entertainment website, Grantland, and a whole new world opened up to me. The site’s writers often take awesome lengths to place sports figures in their larger, cultural contexts.

A cool thing about the site is the wonderful reading list you discover as you regularly see the writers recommending books like The Breaks of the Game by David Halberstram. The book follows my hometown Portland Trailblazers during their 1977-1978 season, following their historic championship run during the ’77 season. I hope I can be as talented as a reporter and writer to tie an entire sport, a city, a league, a team and its players together so skillfully.

When I look back through recent history, I tend to use athletes as milestones of eras. Muhammed Ali as a vietnam war, civil rights era. Jack Dempsey in the Roaring Twenties. MJ and the explosions of sports marketing during the 1990’s. I hope to be able to offer similar perspectives in my career.

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