Exploring Downtown, Eugene, OR

By Sarina Albeck

For the next eight weeks, I will be covering the Downtown area of Eugene, Oregon. I will be reporting about what is going on in this neighbourhood. And after a first walk through the area earlier this afternoon I can promise, this will be a lot: Downtown Eugene is known for its various bars and its vivid nightlife as well as for its many shops and public service buildings.


The Downtown Lounge, one of the many nightlife spots in the bar area of Downtown

This neighbourhood has potential for some good stories. The regular Eugene busses all approach Downtown Station as well as the Emx bus. Those two diffrent bus systems are rumoured to be subject to a lot of heated debates among Eugenians.


The Emx – a fast bus that connects people all the way from Eugene to Springfield

A lot of diffrent people are on their way in this neighbourhood: College students, homeless people, customers of the various shops, businessmen and the venders of the colorful Saturday Market. It will not get boring in this area!


One of the many artsy areas of Downtown Eugene. The colored wall between Olive and Chamelton Street


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