Exploring the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood.

By: Lauren Wilson

This morning was an extremely brisk morning in the city of Eugene.  It was also the morning that a fellow classmate and I walked the boundaries of the Jefferson neighborhood.  We bundled up, put on our scarves and hats, and headed out to see if anything was happening.

The Jefferson neighborhood ranges from Willamette St., all the way to Chambers St., then ranges from 7th Ave all the way to 18th Ave.  Within the neighborhood there are several houses, some nice and some run down, and a lot of different types of businesses.

Qfh0G   A couple housed within the JWN.

A couple houses within the Jefferson neighborhood


Above is the intersection of 11th and Chambers.  Here there is a Dutch Bros. and a Papa’s Pizza.  

The town was relatively quite, expect for the amount of traffic zooming by.  I’m assuming many people were inside staying warm, or already off to work.  However, we did see a few joggers, some people walking their dogs, and one friendly women who asked us for directions.  We also noticed there being a significant number of homeless people out collecting change.

Several of the small businesses we encountered were hole-in-the-wall food joints.  They seemed to be tucked away, with very little advertisement.  Below are a few photos of the places I thought most interesting!


 Burger Lovers caught my eye with it’s one simple sign. Located on 7th, between Taylor St. and Almaden St,  the sign claims their burgers are “The Best In Oregon!”  It is definitely something to check into! I mean, who doesn’t like a good burger?!


 On 7th and Polk sits Cornbread Cafe.  This cafe serves 100% vegan comfort food. In a place like Eugene, one could imagine how successful vegan restaurants could be!


 Last, but not least, we encountered Divine Cupcakes.  The home of this yummy shop is on 11th and Chambers St.  Now, surprisingly (with my love of sweet treats and the fact I’m from Eugene) I have never been here…but I can guarantee that’s about to change!

We also ran into some construction on 18th and Polk.  I attempted to look up what kind of construction was going on, but I wasn’t able to find any information online.

IMG_1851    IMG_1850

As we were waiting to cross Chambers St., we came across a memorial on the corner.  After more research I learned that the memorial was in honor of Tammy Glenn, a women who had been hit by a car in November of 2012. Below are some photos from the memorial site.

IMG_1846          IMG_1847

This neighborhood is also home to the Lane Events Center. Several events take place here like, the Lane County Fair, Flea Markets, Roller Derby, and the Good Earth Home Garden and Living Show (taking place this weekend). There is also an ice skating rink! Click here for a list of upcoming events.

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With our adventure through the neighborhood almost coming to an end, we were a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see anything too exciting happened.  However, we spoke too soon.  As we turned the corner on 11th and Chambers, we came face to face with an ambulance and a fire truck, we of course got a little excited and made our way over.  We spoke to one of the firemen who said he wasn’t authorized to give us details,   however, it was just a “sick person who needed brought in.”


 The ambulance that was taking the “sick person” away.
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