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Publishing is one of the biggest industries in the world and there are hundreds of journalists who have dedicated their careers to covering the industry, whether reviewing new releases, interviewing authors, reporting on conferences and industry gossip, or analyzing old texts for new meanings, “book” journalists are an inspiring group of people to follow.

The most notable name in book journalism is, of course, The New York Times. The capital of the American publishing industry, and arguably the world, is in New York City, giving the book journalists at The NYT easy access to editors, agents and other big names. In a way, The NYT works alongside the publishing industry to stir up hype with the bestseller’s lists, the Sunday Book Review, and general ongoing reporting, effectively generating more business for both.

The Guardian arguably serves as the UK equivalent of The NYT, for book coverage. Like The NYT, The Guardian generates bestseller’s lists, reviews new releases, recommends titles for every gift-giving occasion and interviews authors. One of the more interesting aspects of both sites, however, is the “unconventional” coverage. Both publications host Twitter pages, dedicated to promoting their stories, and even a quick scroll through the feeds offers a glimpse into the varied creative opportunities that working for such a large publication offers.

Other notable book-related Twitter feeds to follow include the L.A. Times Books and NPR Books.

Throughout the course of this term, I will be covering reporters and trends in the book journalism niche, with the intent of broadening my understanding of the publishing industry and informing fellow students about this exciting subsection of journalism.

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