Twitter and Sports

by Troy Brynelson

These days it seems like twitter was practically tailored for sports. Trades, injuries, wins-and-losses, that sort of breaking news is all par for the course in twitter’s continuing dominance of current events. Yet sports have a major leg up in one category: live-tweeting. Twitter trends streamlined that “Holy hell, did you see that?!” moment that everyone enjoys from their Cheetoh-dusted couches, an even that will be on full display next Sunday during the NFL Super Bowl. It’ll be like a meteor shower, only nobody calls the stars overpaid bums at a meteor shower.

One way that twitter has helped my own professional training is finding interesting sports writers and insiders. Adrian Wojnarowski (some call him The Woj) who helped put Yahoo! Sports on the map for many of us while covering the dominant narratives of the N.B.A., especially (and infamously) LeBron James’s The Decision, as well as the hostile negotiations leading up to the locked-out season of 2011-12.

One of the most recognizable name in sports writing is that of Bill Simmons, the Editor-in-Chief of Grantland, former Page 2 columnist for, and now an in-studio analyst for ESPN/ABC’s basketball coverage. Simmons made a name for himself as “The Sports Guy” a superfan turned up to 11.

I’ll bring this a little closer to home to mention BlazersEdge, an arm of sports hub SBNation and (I think) the leading blog of Portland Trailblazer coverage. Ben Golliver, like the Oregonian‘s Jason Quick, is basically a Rose Garden fixture, and sometimes makes appearances on local sports talk radio and C.S.N.’s “Talkin’ Ball” program, which usually airs after Blazer games.

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