Golden Globes: A Recap Done Well.

I know that I can’t be the only entertainment news enthusiast out there. I am a sucker for for the latest award shows, such as the Golden Globes, along with all the red carpet activities that go with them.  Also, I know I am not the only person out there that doesn’t have the time to to sit in front of their T.V for a few hours to watch these award shows.  That is why it is so handy to have good reporters recap the award show in a fun to read article.  

Alan Duke, a writer for CNN entertainment, managed to recap the Golden Globes nicely in his article: 5 memorable moments: Winners, one-liners and surprises at Golden Globes.  I was unable to watch the award show, due to my hectic life, but this article managed to fill me in on the good things that happened.

The article is laid out in a wonderful, easy-to-read way.  It starts out naming a few award winning movies, and stating who the hosts of the awards were (Amy Poehler and Tina Fey).  Then it quickly transitions into the top 5 memorable moments of the show.

Now, to me, it seems like it would be impossible to pick only 5 moments in the show and claim that they are “the most memorable”.  With the Golden Globes being a show that lasts a few hours, how can one manage to only pick 5 moments?  However, Duke does a very good job at this.  He picks the top 5 moments, and recaps them in a funny, easy-to-read way…perfect for someone looking to catch up on what happened really fast. 

Here are the 5 moments Duke decided to use:  

5.  Tommy Lee Jones is not amused.– Here Duke sets the stage of the Golden Globes, saying how Will Ferrell and Kirsten Wiig “had the audience in stitches”, while Tommy Lee Jones just sits at his table, seemingly unamused.  The incident spread like a wildfire and is now made into a meme. 

4. Clinton introduces Lincoln: Personally, I had no idea that former President Bill Clinton was even at the award show, so to see this ranked at number 4 is pretty cool! 

3. Killer Acceptance Speeches: The speeches are always the nail-biting part that everyone is waiting to watch. Duke does an incredible jobs highlighting certain speeches that were worth honoring.  According to his article, many award winners mentioned their nominees that they were up against, and how amazing they were.  

2. …and Jodie Foster’s huh-inducing one: The night of the Golden Globes, my Twitter feed was blowing up.  One of the biggest reason was Jodie Foster’s acceptance speech. And honestly, until I read this article, I really didn’t understand what the fuss was about.  But now I know.  Duke states that her rambling speech had several people confused…all to state that she “is single”.  Hmmm.

1. Fey and Poehler’s winning combination: Duke states that this is the number one memorable moment of the awards. After having Ricky Gervais hosting the last three years he “turned the show into a roast”. Fey and Poehler are naturally hilarious people, so having them host the award show was perfect.  

After listing these top five moments, Duke shares a handy list of all the awards, and the people who won them.  This article did a wonderful job in updating me (and I’m sure several other people) on the key moments of the night.  It was fairly short, and was a quick read, which was a good thing seeing how not all entertainment news lovers have a ton of time to catch up on the latest news!

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