Tyler Huggins Gives the Lowdown on The Yes Men and How They Are Saving The World

By Gina Ginsberg

One of the most successful and familiar story lines for a book or Hollywood tale is the hero. We are all doomed and someone, or something rises up to save us, because we all need a savior, and let’s face it, us commoners can’t do it ourselves. Let’s look at a few popular examples; Superman, E.T, Jesus of Nazareth. We all want to be saved, and it is the type of story we will love forever.

In Tyler Huggins’ article “The Yes Men Strike Again” for Highbrow Magazine, he writes about how Andy Bichelbaum (Jacques Servin) and Mike Bonanno (Igor Vamos), the founding members of The Yes Men are Modern Day Heroes (and maybe saviors, just give them some more time). Huggins starts the article off with a quote by Paul Hawken:

“Don’t be put off by people who know what is not possible. Do what needs to be done, and check to see if it was impossible only after you are done.” –Paul Hawken   

Hawken’s quote sets the tone of Huggins’ piece as he explains the latest work of The Yes Men. His article explains how with their reporting videos, The Yes Men ruthlessly expose corporations and as the try to defeat capitalism. I think most journalists are idealists, or a least started off that way, before being jaded from seeing the world for what it truly is. I know I want to be a journalist to seek the truth and change the world. Seems manageable, and is exactly what The Yes Men are doing with their satirical reporting.  

Huggins lays out The Yes Men’s latest missions, and how they feel about democracy, capitalism, and how they are revolting. Here, Huggins talks about how the effectively address climate change:

      “…Scientists, citizens and government mobilizing against carbon emissions, water scarcity, deforestation, desertification and oil dependency. It’s not enough. Mike knows that his dogged efforts to motivate the apathetic public are constantly frustrated by the immutable forces of bureaucracy and corporate greed. Still, he and the Yes Men persevere, using humor in the face of brevity and fueling themselves with media coverage, activist zeal and copious amounts of alcohol.”


 Huggins lays out the mission and integrity of The Yes Men well. In times when mainstream journalists must feign non-partisanship, and people question their validity, sometimes it is up to comedic satirists to step in as the hard-hitting journalists and seek the truth. The Yes Men are modern day Muckrakers, and some might even say; heroes. 

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