Jefferson Westside: Experiencing the Senses of a Small Cafe.

By: Lauren Wilson

Sitting at a cafe on 7th and Monroe, the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood is anything but dull.  On this crisp Monday morning people are out and about, ordering their daily dose of coffee and satisfying their sweet tooth.

At 10:50 the sound of the city worker’s machinery is taking over the peaceful sound of locals chatting and enjoying their morning snack.  The workers were trimming trees, one employee at the cafe made her opinion very clear on the subject. She said that she hates it when they trim the trees and that it takes their beauty away.

At 10:54 a woman was flipping through a newspaper, chatting about current events with an older man. He then got up, picked up their dishes, told her goodbye and then left.  She continued to read the newspaper.  Simultaneously, a man wearing an orange hat and a blue coat jokes with the cashier while ordering a cup of coffee. Once he received his cup of joe he stood by the window and watched as people passed  by.

Four minutes pass, at 10:58 two women are chatting, seemingly catching each other up on the recent events of their lives.  One is talking about trying to buy a house while the other woman listens inattentively while trying to rock her baby to sleep.  The sound of forks clinking on plates, the hum of people talking and the sound of the cash register opening and closing was taking over the room.

11:01, the line is long, the customers are contemplating what to order.  The cafe fills with people, some going through papers, reading books, sitting alone and working on their personal work and others are there to strictly socialize.  A few minutes later a worker starts calling out orders, two coffees and one delicious cinnamon roll.  Two customers claim their 16oz decaf coffees, while the cinnamon roll remains on the counter.  “Cinnamon roll…cinnamon roll warmed up!” shouts the worker.  Finally, a nicely dressed man with a well groomed mustache claims his delicious treat. IMG_1943

The coffee is wonderful.  The aroma filled the cafe, it is warm and soothing and goes down smooth.  The pastries are even better.  The croissants are buttery, flaky and are mouthwatering.

At 11:18 the coffee grinder beings and the sound fills the cafe for a brief moment.  A worker comes out from behind the counter and chats with customers while bussing tables.  He is wearing a black hat, a red plaid shirt and black pants that are rolled up.  He continues to wash the tables and counters while chatting.  At this moment, the music that seemed to be inaudible plays louder.  The music playing is big band music, filled with blaring horns and an upbeat pace.

This little cafe in the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood is the place to be if you love great coffee and organic sweet treats.  It is a wonderful place to work alone in peace or just to simply catch up and get a bite to eat with some friends!

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