Setting the Jefferson Westside scene

Approaching the small café at 10:45am, your eyes squint from the reflection of the peaking sun that rarely graces Eugene’s scope. The bells attached to the door handle greet you at 10:46am, the same time as the tall, brunette man standing behind the glass case. “What can I get you?” he asks within seconds, but the overwhelming case of delicious calories – also known as baked goods – doesn’t allow you to make a snap decision. The blonde cashier with a dreadlock bun as large as the cakes in the case asks you to repeat your order and then hands you it in exchange for your payment. Your feet shuffle across the dining room to the L shaped corner counter that houses creamers and sugar on one side, and a small sink and dish tub on the other. As you pour cream in your medium roast coffee at 10:49am, steam fogs your glasses and you blink fiercely to clear your vision.
Just before your eyes scan the dining room from your table set for two, at 10:50am, a loud crunching noise from biting into a crisp, everything bagel fills your

At 10:52am, a woman standing at the L shaped counter clinks her glass travel mug as she rounds a spoon to mix whatever it is she added to her drink. Her green rain coat swishes with the movement of her arms as she walks to the exit. Once at the door, she stops, angles her back to it’s handle and glares across the room before she exits at 10:53am.
A couple of minutes later, at 10:55am the screeching exit door opens once again, this time a man wearing a fedora enters. He shouts to the baristas as though he knows them, “hey how’s it going?!” Drink in hand, he drags his feet to the dining bar located on the west side of the dining room and opens a newspaper, though he is quite a distance away, the crinkling of the pages perks your ears as he turns the page.
11:10am arrives and you realize an interesting character is seated on the north end of the dining room – a man clothed in an outfit that resembles stereotypical classic detective. “You should have seen the looks on peoples faces when they saw me” he says to a younger man wearing a grey suit, well paired with a burgundy button up. Though you wonder who gave him interesting looks, you don’t wonder why being his perfectly pointed mustache is quite eye catching.
At 11:12am you can hear faint acoustic music playing. At first you are perplexed about whether or not it had just began to play, but then you notice that the loud commotion from the city workers who were cutting down broken tree limbs has stopped making your dining experience a bit more enjoyable.
A man and a woman sit in the table across from yours at 11:15am. As soon as her bottom touches the tan, wooden chair with black metal legs she shoves her fork in to a large piece of chocolate cake decorated with thick white frosting. “Ooooooooo” she groans as she closes her mouth around her fork, she then stands up to get a napkin and the man doesn’t hesitate to take a few bites while she’s gone.

About Emilie Osterkamp

Hi! I'm Emilie Osterkamp. I am a senior at the University of Oregon in the School of Journalism and Communications. My major is Advertising with an emphasis in Design.
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