Coffee, a cozy chaos and the Beatles

By Sarina Albeck

Downtown Eugene: The sound of the coffee grinder welcomes the guests as soon as they have entered this place through the glass door at the corner of the street. A very diverse clientele comes to this place to have lunch or coffee and a piece of one of the appetizing cakes presented in the showcase near the entrance.

The place looks cozy: The round and quadrangular wooden tables and chairs are distributed all over the room with a slight air of chaos. The wine glasses are not in cupboards. Instead they are hanging head first from the ceiling over the counter. Two of the four walls of the coffee shop are completely made out of glass, the other two are painted in black and green and decorated with colorful aquarelle paintings of different birds.

The sounds: buzz from the costumers and employees, utensils being put in a dishwasher and slightly rocky background music. The Beatles seem to be very dominant on this mix tape.  While “Yesterday” is being played, an elderly lady in a wheelchair talks to the mid-fifties couple that is sitting at a table with her over lunch:

“But then she called me and said that she was ok. No fever.” The younger woman seems to be pleased with that story. After having looked at the desserts for a while, she adds: “I will probably get some ice cream later”. Most of the other visitors seem to have finished their lunch too at this time. It is 2 pm.

A new flow of costumers arrives. Those are the coffee-and-cake-costumers. Milk that is being steamed  is now one of the dominant sounds of the ambient noise. The whole place smells like coffee.

A waitress writes the special offer for the night on the blackboard at the counter: Half of the price off a bottle of wine. The Beatles are on again, this time with “Imagine”. One could imagine perfectly well that this place is perfect for having a bottle of wine in the evening with friends.


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