And The Grammy Goes To…

Whiteaker Residents Discuss Music’s Biggest Night

By Silas Valentino

The 55th annual Grammy Awards is this Sunday and as the stars begin their fingernail annihilation, the people of Whiteaker chime in their hopes and opinions for who should receive the gilded gramophone. Thoughts varied and sides were taken but beyond their disagreements, the people of Whiteaker listen and care for music as well as enjoy conversing about its magic.

The most pristine award of the ceremony is Record of the Year. This year’s nominees range from garage rock revivalist, The Black Keys, pop music queens, Kelly Clarkson/ Taylor Swift, bubblegum pop conquerors, Fun. /Gotye and an R&B soul man, Frank Ocean.

“Gotye, sure,” said Amy Davie. Davie’s friend Deb Bean agrees. “Duh. ‘Somebody I Used to Know [by Gotye]. That’s her divorce theme song. [In reference to Davie] I’m telling you, and that was after 28 years!” she said. Ephraim Cooper thinks otherwise. “I like Fun. and Taylor Swift is not a real human being so we’re going to go with Fun.” he said. Resident Brenna Barr’s Grammy opinions differ from them all. “I have never heard of any of those things. Not one. I actually do live in a media blackout zone by accident,” she said.

The past year saw a rise to many new artists and though it can be seen as both a blessing and a curse to win Best New Artist, the award can propel the artist into new musical realms. Alabama Shakes, Fun., Hunter Hayes, The Lumineers and Frank Ocean are all players in this year’s game of musical thrones. This media attention would be helpful for most of these nominees because the people of the Whiteaker neighborhood know very little of these artists. “I honestly don’t know any of them besides Fun. So I’m going to have to say Fun.,” said Carisska Anthony. Amy Davie said, “I’d say The Lumineers cause I know who they are.” “I don’t know any of these,” said Brenna Bar.

The first Grammy Awards ceremony took place on May 4, 1959 to commemorate and celebrate the finest musicians and performers of the year. Among the big winners were Domenico Modugno, Henry Mancini and Ella Fitzgerald. Throughout the years, The Grammys has continued to be the symbol of achievement for musicians and performers and the celebration is an event that is marked on calendars years in advance. The night not only showcases talent and merit but also reminds listeners from around the world the power of rhythm, rhyme and melody.

The 55th Grammys will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and will be broadcasted live on CBS at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Rapper/actor LL Cool J will once again serve as host.

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