JWN chimes in on the Grammys – sort of

Residents of the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood say they don’t watch the infamous award show.

A street within the Jefferson Westside Neighbors.

A street in the inner Jefferson Westside Neighborhood.


“Music’s biggest night” has arrived! This Sunday, celebrities will flood the red carpet at the 2013 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Residents of the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood chimed in about this year’s nominations and the winner is…NOONE.

The Grammys award musicians in various categories including, album of the year, best new artist and best dance recording. When residents of the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood were asked about the 2013 Grammy nominations they had an overall consensus, they don’t watch the award show!

Jennifer Bokn, a secretary at the Eugene Faith Center had little to say about the nominations being she doesn’t watch, or pay attention to the show itself, she only watches the preshow fashion. With this, Bokn had a great deal to say about the newly implemented dress code requested by CBS (the network responsible for broadcasting the awards). “You know in the paper they were talking about the low cut cleavage, but I think that’s what the Grammys are all about!” In the email sent by CBS to Grammy contacts, originally obtained by Deadline, CBS asked “please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered,” additionally “bare sides or under curvature of the breasts is also problematic.” Bokn continued “I’m very conservative, but my opinion is just the opposite! For the Grammys you just picture them being wild and out there, like Lady Gaga! I kinda look forward about seeing those people.”

Mary Mete, who spends her day listening to blasting music while working at Dutch Bros. doesn’t watch the award show either. However, when read the list of nominees for record of the year, which include: The Black Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Fun, Gotye, Frank Ocean and Taylor Swift, Mete had an opinion. “Record of the year? Oh definitely The Black Keys! I love them, they’re awesome!” Her opinion wasn’t swayed by a preference for any particular music, “I listen to all kinds of music! I like everything!”

Kenzie Murdock, an employee at Sweet Life Patisserie, who has watched the Grammys in the past doesn’t plan on watching this year. The show is “not very important to me” she said. While her go to genre is classic rock Murdock said, “I don’t really have a favorite [genre] to be honest because I like a lot of different things.” She went on to say “I usually listen to music that is referred to me by a friend or just that I like. I don’t really care if they win awards or anything.” In spite of her lack of interest in the Grammys, when Murdock reviewed the list of nominees she wasn’t surprised by any of them.

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