Not a big thing for Eugene Downtowners: The Grammys

By: Sarina Albeck

Morgyn Rios might watch the Grammys. “If I don’t have homework”, she says. And with this statement the teenager belongs to those who seem more interested in one of the music world’s biggest award shows.

The major part of people being questioned in Eugene Downtown about Sunday’s award show seemed to be less interested or were not even willing to talk about this subject at all claiming they do not know enough about it. The Grammys are America’s music awards that have been bestowed to different kinds of music artists since 1959. However, the people in Downtown Eugene do not seem to care about it that much.

The ones that were willing to talk about the award show asked to see a list of the nominations in the different categories first before giving any statements. Daelon Davis for example did not know, that the Grammys will be given away on Sunday night. “I would have had no idea”, he says, taking sips of his coffee in the coffee area of the Eugene Public Library. When asked, why he has so little interest in this show, he says “it’s not really my music”. After having read who are the nominees in the four main categories “Record of the Year”, “Album of the Year”, “Song of the Year” and “Best New Artist” he states, that he does know some of the nominees. He adds, that he likes the song “We are young” by the band “Fun”.

A woman in her thirties says, that she is completely unknowledgeable about the Grammys. Not far away from her, another woman at the same age states that she does not even watch TV when asked about the Grammys.

Eventually a teenage girl who expresses interest in Sunday’s award show agrees to give an interview on this subject. Morgyn Rios thinks, that most of the nominees are “pretty cool”. She especially talks about Kelly Clarkson and “Fun”. However, she only plans on watching it, if she does not have anything else to do.

The 55. Grammy award show might be the most important day for people working in the music business. The Eugene Downtowners however, seem to be little impressed.

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