What the Whiteaker has to say about the Grammys

What the Whiteaker has to say about the Grammys

The Whiteaker Neighborhood chimed in about Music’s Biggest Night 



A Whiteaker watering hole

The Whiteaker Neighborhood chimed in about Music’s Biggest Night


By Marissa Woltanski

In classic Whiteaker neighborhood fashion, the residents of The Whit are less than interested in the mainstream music on tap for this week’s upcoming Grammys.

The 55th annual Grammy Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday evening, Feb. 10. However, mentioning this year’s nominees drew no more than a blank stare when naming some of the artists.

Many of those polled were not well versed in the current raft of Grammy nominees and were decidedly underwhelmed by this year’s picks. “I have never heard of any of those things. Not one. I actually do live in a media blackout zone by accident,” said Brenna Barr, outside Sam Bond’s Garage.

Kim Kurin, who was enjoying a Mason jar of beer while waiting for a table at Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen, made her prediction based on personal taste.

“I would say that some people are going to think it’s the Black Keys, [for Record of the Year] but I think they’re a little overrated,” Kurin said.  “I’m going to go with Gotye.”

“Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye led the pack for Record of the Year and the Lumineers were favored for Best New Artist. The band Fun. was also named as a favorite of several of those polled. When asked his pick for Record of the Year Ephraim Cooper said, “Um, I like Fun. And Taylor Swift is not a real human being so we’re going to go with Fun.”

The band Fun. got its start in the living room of  band member Jack Antonoff’s parents living room. Though they have only been around since 2008 they have shot to stardom garnering six Grammy nominations including Record of the Year and Album of the Year.

According to the Grammy’s nomination page Fun.’s album Some Nights was the first-ever single to log more than six weeks on the Billboard Top 200, and with digital sales of 300,000 units or more, “We Are Young” sold more than 5 million units, making it the third biggest-selling song of 2012.

Deb Bean and Amy Davie agreed with Kurin’s choice for Record of the Year. However when asked about their picks for Album of the Year, their vote was split.

“Mumford and Sons. I like them. The Black Keys get annoying after a while, they sound the same, said Davie.  Bean chose Frank Ocean since she was unfamiliar with the other nominees. Kurin echoed Davie’s sentiment, adding, “This doesn’t reflect my taste in music, this is what I think is going to win.”

Though no one picked Kelly Clarkson to win for her song Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) that is nominated for Best Album of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance, and Best Pop Album was considered a fantastic personal anthem by several of the women we spoke with.

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