Whiteaker’s Taste For The Grammy Awards: Bittersweet

Residents and Patrons of the Whiteaker Neighborhood Discuss the 2013 Grammy Award Nominees.

By Katie Cracchiolo

While the Whiteaker is a hub for creativity and artful expression, the people who frequent this neighborhood seem to be indifferent toward popular music. By ‘popular’ I don’t necessarily mean the genre, but more that the music is well known enough to be nominated for a Grammy Award.

Most buildings in the Whiteaker have murals such as this on their side walls.

Most buildings in the Whiteaker have murals such as this on their side walls.

The 55th annual Grammy Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday evening, Feb. 10. The nominees this year are reflective of all genres. Whiteaker residents put in their two cents regarding who should win each award, but ultimately didn’t have their hearts set on seeing one artist win over another.

Competing for the Record of the Year award, which is the cream of the crop in this award show, are The Black Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Fun., Gotye, Frank Ocean, and Taylor Swift. “I have never heard of any of those things. Not one,” said resident Brenna Barr when asked about the nominees in the Record of the Year category. This was the answer she stuck to when other categories were brought up. Barr later clarified it is not that she doesn’t listen to music, but that by fluke she lives in a media blackout zone and doesn’t have any consistent exposure to these artists.

Ephraim Cooper, a Eugene local enjoying a beer at Sam Bond’s Garage, was much more opinionated about the subject, “I like Fun, and Taylor Swift is not a real human being so we’re going to go with Fun.” For each award, Cooper laughed at the nominees, claiming he didn’t care to pay attention to most of the artists.

“I would say that some people are going to think it’s the Black Keys, but I think they’re a little overrated,” said Kim Kurin, “I’m going to go with Gotye.” Unlike Barr and Cooper, Kurin had heard of all the artists in each category. She said, “This doesn’t reflect my taste in music,” but these are the artists who she thinks will win. Deb Bean and Amy Davie had similar opinions about the whole thing. Both agreed that Gotye would take that particular award.

The Grammys aren’t just a celebration of pop and rock. These awards cater to every genre, including an award for Best Contemporary Classical Composition. The nominees for this award are: Meanwhile – Incidental Music to Imaginary Puppet Plays by Stephen Hartke (blue), Inura For Voices, Strings & Percussion by Leon Tania (red), The Nightingale by Ugis Praulins (green), Cello Concerto No. 2 “Towards the Horizon” by Einojuhani Rautavaara (orange), and August 4, 1964 by Steven Stucky (black). “I want you to assign each of those a color,” said Cooper, “and whichever one you picked as orange, that’s the one I’m gonna vote for.” The others liked this voting system as well. “I pick orange,” said Davie, and Bean chose to go with the color black.

The Whiteaker illustrates a great appreciation for the arts, both visual and performing; however, the Grammys just might not be its style.

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