Grammys Doesn’t Spark With Downtown


By Adam Fernandez

EUGENE — What’s so great about the Grammys, anyway? That may be the sentiment you get from someone living in downtown. It seems that, based off of poll responses and reactions, there is an obvious lack of knowledge and interest about the music awards show.

Those who showed glimmers of caring were among a younger demographic, from teen to twenties. Their enthusiasm was measured not by how much they were looking forward to the awards show, but rather if they were even familiar with the artists who were nominated in 4 main categories: Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Best New Artist, and Song of the Year.

Morgyn Rios described how she would tune in if she “doesn’t have homework.”

“I’ve heard of Fun.,” she said. “I’ve heard of Kelly Clarkson. I think they’re pretty cool.”

Rios continued to peruse the nominations with slight unfamiliarity as she admitted to being mostly knowledgeable of the pop bands or singers. Despite not showing sincere interest, she was by far the closest thing to a “fan” of the all of the pollsters.

“I’ve heard [of] everyone pretty much,” said Daelon Davis. “[But] it’s not my [kind of] music.”

Though he didn’t know when or where the Grammys were to be televised, Davis was actually familiar with and had an opinion on some of the songs nominated for Record of the Year.

“’Somebody That I Used to Know’, because it’s like everywhere,” he said. “That song by ‘Fun.’, it’s not bad.”

He seemed estranged from the show, but noted that he heard several of the songs on the radio.

Most pollsters, some of which being middle-aged women with children, didn’t consider themselves a good resource on the Grammys. For some, there was a general disinterest in television, while others simply didn’t value the show itself.

There was a gray feeling to the polling responses that complimented the dull, dreary weather of the day. Everyone who was interviewed or polled was in or around the Eugene Public Library. Some were in the café while others were in the children’s book section, as well as the computer workstation area.

The interviewees were on the younger demographic while those who simply responded to polling were an older demographic. There were about 8 people polled about the show.

This year, the 55th Grammys are being televised at 8/7c on CBS and are hosted by L.L. Cool J.

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