Enterprise Sidebar 1: Jamie Floyd

By Katie Cracchiolo

Ninkasi owner and partner, Jamie Floyd.

Ninkasi owner and partner, Jamie Floyd.

“I hadn’t really thought about working in a brewery before,” said Floyd as he opened the door to the Ninkasi tasting room, “I loved making beer and stuff, but back then it wasn’t a common job or occupation.” Now Jamie Floyd, owner and partner of Eugene’s Ninkasi Brewery, is dedicated to serving the community by way of great beer, a homey atmosphere, and a good time.

Floyd attended the University of Oregon in the early 1990s and has been in Eugene and in the brewery business ever since. “I got out of school thinking that I would be an educator in my own business, mostly because of my work ethic, and I ended up getting a job at Steelhead in the kitchen,” he said. He has become a very successful educator in the brewing industry in Eugene. Once Floyd got the job at Steelhead, he realized that he had a passion for brewing beer and that the best way to serve his community would be to act on that passion.  “I am dedicated to community service and involvement on a personal level,” he said. He started brewing and fell in love with it on a professional level, “I realized if I was going to open a business it should be a brewery.”

“I was fortunate enough to meet my partner Nikos who is much more on the financial and business side of things. Together our skill sets combined to be able to really conceive and execute,” he said. Floyd and his partner, Nikos Ridge, brewed their first batch of Total Domination IPA in 2006 in Springfield, Ore. In 2009, they were able to open the Ninkasi Brewery in Eugene’s Whiteaker neighborhood.

Ninkasi has served the Eugene community in so many ways. Floyd is proud to be a part of it, and excited to see his business continue to grow.

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