Kathryn Boyd-Batstone Introductory Post

My name is Kathryn Boyd-Batstone and I am from Long Beach, CA.  I am a sophomore studying photojournalism at the UO because I love to meet people and share their stories and experiences with others.  I started photographing on family camping trips when I was younger, and then got serious about my photography in high school.  I am now focusing on photojournalism and multimedia in college because I think that photographs, video, and audio create a richer story with more levels to it.  I am currently a photographer for Flux Magazine and started the publication Envision, an environmental journalism publication at the UO.  I am also minoring in Spanish and will be studying in Sevilla, Spain this up coming fall term.  I hope to combine my love for travel, the outdoors, and visual story telling in my career.   After I graduate I want to join the Peace Corps for two years and then return to go to grad school for journalism.  My dream job would be to work for National Geographic traveling and experiencing the world.

About kathrynboydbatstone

I enjoy shooting nature, architecture, cityscapes, sports, and people. I like to take photos when I go camping or travel. I want to use my photography to make people realize that nature will not always be here for us to enjoy unless we take actions to preserve and conserve it. Photography is something I truly enjoy, and it makes me happy that I can use photography to make a difference. My dream job would be to photograph and write for National Geographic. I also have fun photographing people, and capturing genuine expressions that can capture an emotion or the person as a whole. Hope you enjoy my pictures. If you want to contact me, my email is: kathrynkbb@gmail.com
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