Adam Bailey Introductory Post

Hello class, My name is Adam Bailey and I am a sophomore born just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota but moved to Pleasanton, California when I was four.  I have known that I want to pursue a career in sports since I was a freshman in high school.  Sports have been the main focus of my life up until I graduated from high school, however I played soccer for over 16 years of my life competitively.  I have played soccer internationally and know that I want to pursue a career where I am able to travel and cover sports around the world.  Sports broadcasting is the ultimate goal for me in my career pursuits and hope to cover every possible sport throughout my life.  My near future goals include a network internship this coming summer and an internship at any of the ESPN city hubs, or headquarters, during the summer of 2014.  I am a huge video game guy and often play sports games that allow me to get to know the players on various teams throughout the various sports.  It is a dream of mine to interview some of the greatest athletes of our time and I hope that University of Oregon can help me accomplish that.

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